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International Platform for Q Stylist

Posted on October 25, 2013


On Sunday 14th October 2013, Rebecca Strange, 25 years old, Senior Designer at Q Hair and Beauty, Chichester, presented to an international audience at the anticipated Salon International Exhibition held annually at London’s Excel exhibition centre. Enticing many visitors from across the globe the exhibition is a showcase for all matters hair and beauty.


Rebecca has been part of the esteemed ‘Colour Project’ by the Fellowship of British Hairdressing, since January 2013, and has benefited from expert mentoring by industry peers throughout the period.


At Salon International her presentation offered a unique opportunity to both present and inspire other hairdressers that zealously attend the ‘Fellowship Stage’.


When asked about her experience, Rebecca said ‘Presenting to inspire others is an exciting challenge, but no more so that impressing your salon guests every day.  At Q, I share what I learn with the entire team for our guests to enjoy enhanced options’.


Rebecca details 3 latest Autumn/Winter colour trends worth considering:


  • Colour Placement System (CPS) is a brand new technique that allows guests to enjoy a technique that offers versatility on colour options. A simple consultation will direct how the placement of colour works for you, whether you enjoy subtle changes, or love being bold.
  • Peekaboo colour offers more commercial looks; often brighter colours are used with this technique for example autumn reds and coppers. 
  • Smudging, a playful take on the summer dip dye trend, reversing or working with colour to create a balanced light/dark effect.


For more information on colour options consider a complimentary consultation with Rebecca or any of her Q Hair and Beauty team members. Telephone 01243 782489 for more details.


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