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Q Lands at Paris Fashion Week!

Posted on January 24, 2018


So, I made it to one of the fashion capitals of the world, the city of love and style, I can already feel this experience is going to be magical, so lucky i can call this work. Working at Paris fashion week 2018 alongside the R+co team led by Jan Przemyk whose worked with such designers as Versace and Tom Ford. How many people can say that?! Amazing experiences from here on in.

Today I get to experience a unique ‘behind the scenes’ insight from the prospective of the hair and make-up team. My job was to assign a model (25 in total) to a stylist, take their names and the stylist create the look chosen by the designer for each individual.


Once 2.30 came around, it was rehearsals and I got the opportunity to watch the show come to life before the catwalk production was released on the public. Wow. What a spectacular experience, watching choreographers, Directors, lighting, sound teams from so many different international countries and the designer and models all come together individually to create such a remarkable atmosphere and sensational performance. Little old me was watching this from the view of the end of the catwalk. A view only the press usually get.

Every models hair spectrum individually told a story. From slick backed hair oozing firm fixed positioning through to texturisedized yet uniformed. Sean Suens concept projected a playful wearability and quoting Jan Pryzemyk ‘think school chess club’. The collection screamed simplicity yet functionality.
First day done, I can’t believe that a career at a local hair & beauty salon could take me all the way to Paris Fashion Week, especially as I’m not even a hairdresser!
Friday arrives and today I’m looking forward to taking over the Q Hair and Beauty Instagram account and showing the insight from backstage and behind the scenes scoops on the hair styles hot for A/W 2018.
First we assign models to stylists todays consists of 15 models, todays look is more relaxed. The Designer is Hed Manner. This Israeli designer has opted for a nautical theme using the simple suit as a form of workwear. From voluminous jackets with sleeves falling right to the fingertips, back-to-front styling of shirts that mimic a sailor styled suite, capes which were crafted from recycled sails. Quoting Mayner himself ‘they’re things that you go to sleep in, pieces in which you have a life’. His concept was to push boundaries in the approach towards silhouettes and constructional design in hair concept design; It oozes the east meets west movement. Movement in the hair, texturised hold and plenty of quiffs with definitive partings held in place delicately.
2pm rehearsal arrives and I’m sat in the realms of the auditorium as the Hip Hop music blared viewing a unique insight into the catwalk runway show that in less than an hour was being showcased. After a super quick final prep and touching up of models (excuse the pun!) and show time commenced.
Done! We packed up and off to the hotel to collect the remainder of our bags before its home time. Thank you Paris for one whirlwind 48 hours of pure excitement. Thank you Q Hair and Beauty for allowing me to be a part of this and to R+Co for having me along with you all.
Products used (and available at Q now):
ONE prep: A hair primer for the hair;  like a base coat on your nails or your morning moisturiser for your face, this protects the hair from all that you are about to do and helps to even out the porosity of the hair to allow products to adhere evenly and productively.
WALLST Strong hold gel/ MOTORCYCLE Flexible gel: The unique process of painting was used by the stylist to create the right level of hold dependant on variable models. This could be used at home to create flexible to strong levels of hold dependant on desired look.
VICIOUS Strong Hold Hairspray: Ensures the hair is both sleek and strong in form for the catwalk as well as any occasion requiring intensive hold and shine.
TROPHY Shine + texture spray: For the right amount of texture, volume and shine all in one spray. A go-to for both styling and finishing.
FOIL Frizz + static spray: Adds shine, also keeps the hair static free. Great for all hair textures.


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