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Sunday Set Menu

This promotion is now over.

We would like to welcome Sunday’s with a brand new set menu!


Pick one of each ‘course’ for £45 and have an amazing Sunday treat!


4 responses to “Sunday Set Menu”

  1. caz webb says:

    Hi the menu sounds fab! How much xtra woud it be to have hair trimmed too? Also do you have space this Sunday?thanks. Caz x

  2. Fiona says:


    menu looks fab, what is the additional charge for a trim?

    • Kain says:

      Hi Fiona

      the additional charge is the difference between the blowdry price of £14 and the individual stylists Cut and Finish price.

      e.g. the additional charge for upgrading to a graduate stylist who charges £22 for a Cut and Finish would be £8.

      if you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me on

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