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Posted on November 22, 2017

Do you, or do you know someone suffering from hair loss or thinning hair? We have been searching for a partnership to provide affordable solutions to combat losing hair. We are very proud to announce that we have chosen Landmark Hair Loss Clinic, now available for hair loss clients in Chichester

Resident Business Development Director, Kain Lawrence, reveals why we chose Landmark and why this means so much to him personally.

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“You can cheat nature, but you can’t do it overnight!”

For those who would like to know how much this is, before reading my story, it’s under £1.70 a day.

I have been searching for a hair loss solution for myself for over 8  years now, having just turned 27 my hair loss is becoming more and more noticeable and I am very self-conscious about it. Even though I pretend I don’t care, I hate it.

I have tried almost everything there is going, I’ve seen trichologists, taken hair growth tablerts, used specialist shampoo’s, conditioners and scalp treatments, adjusted my diet and countless other suggestions I have received over the years.

Every year there is a salon convention in London with every professional hair care brand from ghd and Paul Mitchell to POS systems and specialist treatments. Myself and my colleague Stefano made it our mission to finally find a reputable company that could offer us a method that has proven results.

Our first stop was a bespoke wig company, which many people may have seen circulating social media where by you shave off the top of your hair and place a wig there then have it cut and styled. We swiftly decided to move away from this idea as each wig was priced at over £1,000. Not being affordable or justifiable in our eyes to anyone let alone ourselves.

We had almost given up the search when we came across Landmark Clinic. I sat down with a consultant, Ron and asked him to treat me as if I were a client, rather than a salon manager. I instantly trusted him, no jargon, no sales pitch, just proven results.

One of his patients was at the show so we were able to see exactly what can be achieved. Wow! Honestly, I am the biggest sceptic, but not only is this for me, but also something that I wanted our salon to be able to offer to the men of Chichester and surrounding areas.

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I have just started my journey with Landmark Clinic last Thursday with an oral Finasteride tablet accompanied by a minoxidil liquid. Simple explanation is that the finasteride tablet stops the build-up of DHT, and the minoxidil liquid applied to the scalp increases the blood flow and therefore nutrition reaching the hair follicle.

A three-month supply, just £151.20 (10% discount is available on RRP), thats £50.40 a month, under £1.70 a day to have an amazing chance of bringing back the hair I used to have. That is why I have chosen Landmark Clinic – professional advice, professional products, access to Harley Street surgeons should transplant be a route you want/need to go down, all for under £1.70 a day.

Oh, and the best part? I didn’t leave Chichester once to start this process. We are offering completely free consultations, information and no-obligation advice right here at our Chichester salon.

For more information, please call 01243 928175 or email us at

Kain Lawrence


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