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Our Ethos

Providing the ultimate in training and development is at the very heart of Q Hair and Beauty, ably demonstrated by the fact the vast majority of our salons are home-grown talent – not just highly-professional but also totally motivated and dedicated to providing the very best service to each and every one of their guests.

The key to this is first-class training from the moment anyone joins the Q team, many of them just 14 years old when they start attending the Tiger Club, Q’s unique in-house after-school training scheme. From there, all the way through the organisation, the staff at every level are offered a whole raft of opportunities to develop their skills and advance within the company, a genuine career path which enables them to build a great future for themselves, based on the strongest of foundations.

All of them continue to make the most of further education to keep them at the pinnacle of hairdressing and beauty, as well as being encouraged to come up with fresh ideas and take on added responsibility. Ongoing training is provided by two dedicated in-house educators and assessors as well as externally around the UK and internationally.

Although this level of training comes at a massive cost to the company, not just in terms of the money spent on training but in business hours lost while the team are in training, owner Anthony Barnes-Smith and managing director Dawn Lawrence believe it is by far the best way to keep everyone fired and motivated and they are certain it is a wise investment which allows Q to retain its position as the top salons in West Sussex.