Nioxin Official Stockist - Q Hair & Beauty, Chichester, Midhurst


We all lead increasingly stressful lives, take more medication and go on crazy diets; these are just some of the things that can cause our hair to thin!

In addition, pregnancy, thyroid problems, chemotherapy and ageing can all cause hair problems.

Nioxin is a specifically designed for people with fine and thin looking hair. Healthy hair begins at the root and Nioxin is a system that concentrates on the scalp and hair follicle to help create the optimum environment for future healthy hair growth.

Nioxin is committed to developing safe, non drug based products, the goal being the most complete solution for hair loss so that no one has to feel the devastation of losing his or her hair again. The key is to start using it sooner than later – it doesn’t matter whether you’re 20 or 50, prevention is better than cure!