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Bobs, Beehives & Bouffants


Bobs, Beehives & Bouffants

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How did a working-class lad from Teesside, once destined to work in the shipyards, become one of the world’s top hairdressers and then go on to establish the award-winning Q Hair and Beauty in Chichester, one of the leading salons on the South Coast? Find out in Anthony Barnes-Smith’s official memoirs.


Bobs, Beehives & Bouffants. My Life At The Cutting Edge

By Anthony Barnes-Smith

Anthony Barnes-Smith, who was born and raised in Sunderland and started his career in hairdressing in Newcastle’s then-notorious Pink Lane, was one of the leading stylists in London during the Swinging Sixties, the decade which revolutionised hairdressing.

Regarded as the ‘boy wonder’ of British stylists, he turned hairdressing into a fine art, won a whole host of top national and international competitions, was a member of the British team in the Hairdressing World Cup and rubbed shoulders with the great and the good of the fiercely-competitive industry.

In his newly-published book – Bobs, Beehives and Bouffants – Anthony, who is celebrating his 42nd year in the hairdressing industry and is still in demand with his large and distinguished clientele, lifts the lid on the intense rivalry and internal politics which eventually saw him turn his back on the competition scene.

Bobs, Beehives and Bouffants, priced at £9.99, ISBN – 978-0-9576961-1-2, Released 3rd October 2014


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