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Allergy Alert Tests, Screening Questions and more explained…

Our Q Hair & Beauty Colour Responsible Policy

We use testing and screening to check suitability for the colouring products we provide in salon services.

Allergy Alert Test aka Skin Test:

For your first AAT with Q Hair & Beauty or if it is 6 months since your last AAT; Make an appointment to attend the salon at least 48 hours before your appointment, initially on discussion over the phone we will ascertain whether a consultation or AAT appointment is required. A consultation, generally, is required if you have applied colour since your last colour service with us, be that at home or another salon. This is to allow us the opportunity to strand test your hair if needed to test end result for the process we plan on your hair. At the AAT appointment we will apply a small amount of colour formula to the inside of your elbow. Leave for 1 hour, should you experience any signs of irritation, reddening, swelling, inflammation or itching please contact us. If you develop symptoms that make you unwell please contact a medical professional. Subsequent colour services may not require an AAT test subject to screening questions. We advise you to speak to your stylist about what is best for you. All our stylists have been trained to test and screen for suitability for colour services. We have vast experience in safe colouring – you can be sure we only use the best products and invest in the most up to date practices. We take your safety and our work seriously. When you visit a Q Hair & Beauty Salon you can have peace of mind that we are taking the best care of you and your hair. We thank you for your co-operation in our preliminary procedures before your service with us.

Be aware, that if you experience any of the following, between your visits to the salon for colour you will require a new allergy alert test.

Change of colour service
6 months elapses between colour services without a fresh AAT
Tattoo, Henna or Permanent make-up service
Any allergic reaction of any kind

If you develop and itchy, sensitive or damaged scalp, we may need to arrange alternative services that suit your needs so advise to book a fresh colour consultation.