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Looking forward in 2024

Kain and Dawn Lawrence

Happy new year everyone!

I’m Kain Lawrence, managing director of Q Hair & Beauty.

First off, I want to thank you for your patience over the first couple of weeks of January as our Courtyard salon has been closed due to a leak in the flat roof, that whilst we repair and decorate this back up to scratch, has been far too cold & damp to inhabit.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support throughout 2023, and as we come into the thick of 2024, we’re looking to build the community that we have had here at Q for over 50 years.

I officially began working at Q in July 2010, unofficially since 1995 when I would come in on the school holidays with my Mum and do the franking for the mail shots. In essence, I know Q, it’s been in my blood for a long time.

Over these years, we have needed, used and relied upon great local people to develop the business and keep our stunning, but often problematic 200 year old building in ship shape.

Building links with the local business community

Do you have a trade? Or can you recommend someone that does? We are looking to build a trusted list of businesses that we as a business can call upon when we are looking to upgrade or repair. We are then subsequently going to publish these people on our website so if you see we have changed something, you can see who did it.

For example, in our North Street salon, we have just had a stunning set of bespoke double glazed, energy efficient doors installed, to replace the swinging doors that had zero thermal efficiency. This work was carried out by Tim Jasper from Chichester.

To add yourself onto this list, please send me an email kain@qhairandbeauty.co.uk, and I will be compiling a list. I will need:

  • Full name
  • Trade
  • Business name
  • Business phone number
  • Business email address
  • Website and or social media handle
  • Business location

My second request

I am looking for your feedback, as a vast majority of you will know, after every visit with us you are sent an email for a rating which gives you the option to feed back any issues, or great praise for the service you receive with us. This isn’t one of those corporate feedback forms that you think “they’re never going to read that”. I look every week, to pass on any great feedback directly to our team, and if there are any that show how we need to improve, we assess it.

Any feedback that you have the time to take to give to me, I would greatly appreciate! Send an email to feedback@qhairandbeauty.co.uk and we will look at every single thing.

And lastly…

We have implemented a £2 price increase to our services from 14th January 2024, this being just the 3rd price increase since in the last 5 years. We have tried to soak up costs and assess what price increase we needed to implement, rather than adding on an inflated estimate. We hope you understand and appreciate that we’re keeping increases to a minimum, to thank you for your support.


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