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The importance of patch tests

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Q Hair and Beauty, Chichester’s multi-award-winning salon, is always meticulous about insisting on a patch test being done for all guests planning a colour treatment.

Even for someone who has previously had colour treatments with Q, especially since easing of lockdown, the importance of this was brought home to a regular guest who had a totally unexpected reaction to a test carried out at the sister salon in Midhurst.

She is very grateful that the team there were only prepared to go ahead with the colour appointment once they were certain it was safe for her.

The guest, like so many of Q’s regular visitors, had been using hair colourants for many years without any problems, but different products can trigger a reaction at any time and this is what occurred recently for her.

“I first used hair colour when I was 17 – a huge and quite exciting decision to ‘turn blonde’,” she said.

“As that was my first time having my hair dyed, I was really excited but I hit what I felt was the first stumbling block when I was informed by the hairdresser on the Isle of Wight that I had to come in 48 hours in advance for a patch test. That meant having to visit the salon twice – what an inconvenience, I thought.

“After having no reaction to the test, I was able to have my hair dyed. Ever since then I’ve had my hair professionally highlighted blonde by numerous salons, up in Newcastle while at university, in London and along the south coast, without any problem.”

While the guest had a few minor allergies, including hayfever and reacting to cats and lavender, resulting in eczema, she had never experienced anything more serious than that.

“After having an appointment at the Midhurst salon for a cut and blow dry, the team insisted on a new patch test – what for?” she wondered.

“I have to admit that as I’d previously had my hair dyed by Q Hair and Beauty in Chichester, I did think the patch test was a bit of a waste of time.

“It took me about 20 minutes to walk home and as soon as I got there, my boyfriend noticed that a huge red patch had appeared behind my right ear. I hadn’t felt anything, no pain, heat or itchiness, absolutely nothing other than the red patch which was apparently a burn. Weirdly, there was no reaction at all behind my left ear.

“I called Q and sent them pictures of what had occurred on my skin. The staff reacted immediately and told me to wash off the colour straight away. They then called me back and told me I could return to the salon for an additional patch test with a different type of colourant that would allow them to dye my hair.

“I am so grateful to Q for insisting on that patch test and preventing what could have been a much more unpleasant and serious reaction. Everyone at the salon was super helpful and professional as well as kind and caring, even though I was quite embarrassed at what had occurred.

“I’d advise anyone who is required to have a patch test not to think of it as a waste of time but as an essential, vitally important part of any colour treatment. I’m very glad that the test at Q avoided a much more serious potential reaction for me.”

Q Hair and Beauty back the hairdressing and beauty industries current campaign #DoItRight ensuring that professionalism and safety are always top of the agenda. 

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