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The Next Generation

This month we caught up with Amber, one of our home-grown hair stylists, to learn a bit more about her journey so far with Q.

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Why did you choose hairdressing as a career?

I used to come in with my mum when I was younger in the school holidays, I always felt inspired being in the salon and watching them work. My mum has been with Q my whole life, so it was inevitable, really!

Where did you do your training?

I started my training when I was in year 9, I came to the Tiger Club at the salon where we learnt all the basics of hairdressing, and gave me the opportunity to see if it really was what I wanted to do, and I LOVED it! I then completed my Hairdressing qualification at Chichester College and continue to this day training every Wednesday with our education team to push myself to learn, learn, learn.

Why Q?

The Tiger Club really got me hooked, I wanted to be a hairdresser, but the 2 years I spent coming here after school just made me realise this was the salon for me. I didn’t know any other salon offering this at the time, and then when I started my apprenticeship in college, I was ahead of everyone else!

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What’s your favourite product?

Hands down, Incredible Milk by Milk_shake. It has 12 effects, repairing, heat protection, amazing detangling, just to name a few! The best part for me, is the smell, it’s almost like you could eat it (but please don’t!), and you don’t get the really heavy product feel in the hair.

What’s you favourite cut you’ve learned and why?

My favourite cut I’ve learned, is a graduated bob! It’s not what I would consider myself the best at, but the outcome and shape you create is a technique you can personalise and improve, indefinitely!

What’s special at Q?

Education! There’s always opportunities to learn and grow into a better hairdresser than I was yesterday. I have regular 1-2-1’s to learn about how I can improve and tailor my education so that it is bespoke to me. Education has always been a priority at Q, I know that from my Mum and my experience, I can’t wait to see where my journey goes.

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How do you style your own hair?

I go through phases of loving it curled and then loving it straight, I like having the opportunity to change how I style my hair depending on the day/event/how I feel. My top tip is using a velcro roller on the bangs to really give them some style to hold throughout the day.

How do you spend your weekend and where do you go?

I do like a night out with my friends & boyfriend, getting out and blowing away the cobwebs on the dance floor! Then Sundays are spent chilling with my family, or going out for brunch at the Boston Tea Party.

What have you noticed that’s changed since you started learning your trade 6 years ago?

The impact of COVID, during that period we saw a big change in the salon from choices of styles we were cutting and colouring. We are now finding our guests want a more natural look that lasts. Also, our education is much more accessible online, so we can learn at home, or even in the gym!

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